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Oocyte Freezing / Egg Freezing or Social Freezing

With an increase in age the probability of conceiving reduces, more so because of the deterioration in the quantity and quality of oocytes. Till now Oocyte or Egg freezing was not practiced routinely as the process were not standardized and there was not enough data to support Egg Freezing as a routine practice. This has now changed and there is enough evidence to support safety and efficacy of egg freezing as a routine procedure for preservation of fertility for women.

At Indore Infertility Clinic and IVF Center, we have both the experience and the capability to freeze eggs as a routine practice.

Innovations in Egg Freezing and latest techniques

We have an established Fertility Preservation Programme. We delivered our first cryopreserved oocyte baby in 2016 and have moved over from the old slow freeze protocol to the more efficacious Vitrification protocol as Vitrification or Rapid Freeze is associated with a much better retrieval rate as this eliminates the formation of ice crystals.

Frozen eggs have grabbed headlines in recent years due to many celebrities (like Diana Hayden and Jennifer Frappier) opting for the same.


We are pioneers in providing fertility solutions in India.

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