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Infertility unfortunately affects men and women equally. Azoospermia or absence of sperm in semen is a reality that affects around 10% of men facing infertility. Of many treatment options available for the male partner, IVF with Donor sperm is one of the options.

When is IVF with Donor Sperm recommended?

Following are a few situations where a couple may be advised to undergo IVF with donor sperms:

  • Lack of sperm or azoospermia where there are no chances of retrieval of sperm either surgically or after medication. This is also known as definitive azoospermia.
  • IVF with TESA where there is failure to retrieve sperm in TESA or Micro TESE sample.
  • Known genetic abnormality or chromosomal defect in the Male partner.
  • Single Females wishing to have children.

What test’s are done in Advanced Semen Analysis?

Assessment of the following are done in the Semen Sample after it’s liquification:

  • Volume
  • Concentration of Sperms
  • Motility Assessment
  • Vitality Assessment
  • Morphology Assessment

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