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Fertility tests are the first step towards the beginning of the treatment. They play a crucial role in detecting the cause of infertility. Fertility tests vary for both men and and women. About a third of all problems with fertility are due to male infertility issues. Often a man could be completely healthy but produces poor quality sperm. Some men may have more serious medical problems, such as low male sex hormones, or testosterone levels. Fertility Tests advised to detect the cause of Women Infertility include:- Ovulation testing Hysterosalpingography Imaging tests like pelvic ultrasound Blood Tests Laparoscopy Fertility Tests advised to detect the cause of Men Infertility include: Semen Analysis Sperm DNA Test Karyotype (Chromosome test done on a blood sample) Y-Chromosome micro-deletion DNA analysis (Blood test) Sperm Chromatin Separation Assay (SCSA) for DNA fragmentation (Sperm test) Hormonal Tests: FSH, LH, Testosterone, Prolactin, Estradiol.