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What is DFI test ?

The full form of DFI test is DNA Fragmentation Index test. It is a test that measures the integrity of DNA present in the sperm’s head.

In simple words, the DNA of sperm is stored in sperm’s head within long thread like structure called chromosomes. During the process of formation of sperm the DNA come together to form a chromosome. This process when becomes a bit faulty, it leads to breaks in the DNA strand and hence impacts the DNA replication during fertilization and formation of embryos.

Why is sperm DFI test ordered by IVF Specialist ?

The primary function of a sperm is to deliver male genetic material to the egg, and therefore the quality of the DNA delivered is of clear importance to the developing embryo and pregnancy success. 

Standard semen analysis  generally provides information about the sperm quality as a delivery vessel (i.e. motility, concentration, morphology) but does not directly assess what is being delivered, namely the DNA. One way of assessing the quality or “integrity” of sperm DNA is by measuring the fragmented sperm DNA (DNA breaks). 

The DFI test or DNA Fragmentation Index test is performed at Indore Infertility Clinic to assess the number of DNA breaks and hence provides more insight to the sperm quality. This male sperm function test is typically done in andrology lab associated with IVF Clinics.  At our ivf centre at Indore we perform Sperm DNA Fragmentation using Sperm Chromatin Dispersion technique which is precise in locating sperm with high DNA fragmentation index.

The DFI test at our IVF clinic takes 3 to 4 hours to perform.

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