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Advanced Semen Analysis

A standard semen analysis test or sperm test done from a regular pathology laboratory reports mainly motility and concentration of sperms seen in the provided semen sample.
One of the most important characteristics of sperm is it’s morphology. It takes a trained technician and appropriate equipment to comprehend the abnormality in morphology of sperms.

High end microscopes like the Phase Contrast Microscope make study of morphology easier and more predictable. Due to its high cost, not all labs have phase contrast microscopes and usually their availability is restricted to Infertility units and their Laboratories. This is the reason why sperm test or semen analysis test is more expensive at Infertility Units.

Insufficient magnification and contrast provides little data about the morphology of sperms, making the Semen Analysis done at regular Pathology services of little use when it comes to diagnosing infertility.

What is Advanced Semen Analysis?

Advanced Semen Analysis includes study of Morphology and Vitality of sperms in the semen sample apart from the Concentration and Motility assessment. Since we use a high end Phase Contrast Microscope to analyse the semen sample, it leads to a more reliable and accurate assessment of all factors that can affect fertility.

What test’s are done in Advanced Semen Analysis?

Assessment of the following are done in the Semen Sample after it’s liquification:

  • Volume
  • Concentration of Sperms
  • Motility Assessment
  • Vitality Assessment
  • Morphology Assessment

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